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Our Temple - Our Home

The Masonic Centre

Wilton Road

Bexhill on Sea

East Sussex TN40 1HY

Telephone:    01424 222412

The meeting places of Freemasons are of infinite variety when viewed from the outside, yet within, when the Senior Warden's column is erect, all share those same two great attributes, tranquillity and serenity - so mote it be.

Freemasonry and our Lodge

The brethren of the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge - No. 6630 extend our thanks and gratitude to Provincial Grand Lodge for giving us the opportunity to share with the Province of Sussex a little about our lodge and its members.

Although this website is mainly about the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge, it is more than that, it is about Freemasonry in general. It is about the reasons why we as fellow brethren attend our lodges on each due date throughout the season, it is about our solidarity in our beliefs, it is about brotherly love, relief and truth.

Many of you within (and without) the Province of Sussex have visited our lodge in Bexhill, some of you are regular faces and we welcome you with the open hand of brotherhood. Many of us have indeed reciprocated, having enjoyed the workings of many of the Sussex lodges and afterwards, the warmth and hospitality at your festive boards.
It is the hope and desire that the strong bond of friendship we share with many of the brethren throughout Sussex will continue for many years to come.

An Overview of this Site

Events throughout the Season

Like most Sussex lodges, we organise many events throughout the Masonic season, and here you will find the main events of the 2008/09 season .
This page is also shared with the Royal Sovereign Ladies' (Masonic Charities) Association and the wonderful work they do each and every year.

A detailed History of our Lodge

Every lodge has its own history of which its members are made aware. Our own lodge history is perhaps just that little bit different, inasmuch as it is here for all to see.
Our history starts with the lodges of the Province of Sussex  and their relationships with each other, this will likely include reference to your own lodge and where it appeared, or originated from, in those early days.

The Royal Sovereign Light Vessel/Tower and Trinity House

This is without doubt, the most comprehensive information and imagery available of the Trinity House Light Vessel "Royal Sovereign" to be found on the internet today. It is where our lodge name originates and to which we have a close bond.
There are many other lodges throughout England and Wales that also have close associations with Trinity House and as a lodge, we have visited several of these lodges in the past few years and have plans to visit more in the future.


To contact the Royal Sovereign Light Lodge, please click on the Royal Sovereign link
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